About RedState-Realtors.com

www.RedState-Realtors.com is a website that allows those strongly considering relocating to a red state to find a like-minded realtor in the red state they are looking at to answer their questions and perhaps eventually retain that realtor to find them a place that matches their goals.

RedState Realtors are those who have a connection to the preparedness and Patriot community. The website does not vet the realtors.

The website does not make money for referrals or “steer” people to particular states or realtors. Realtors can list themselves on the website for a nominal fee to cover the start-up cost of the website and, if they want to continue their listing on the site, the realtors pay a small monthly fee.

www.RedState-Realtors.com is simply a place where those considering relocating can click on a red state they’re interested in and see if there is a realtor or multiple realtors for them to contact.

Give it a try. It’s free! And you might find the state and realtor that makes your relocation to a red state much smoother.