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How the Website Gets Potential Clients to You

The website is advertised by one of the leading syndicated radio shows/podcasts for those in the preparedness and Patriot community: Prepping 2.0. The show reaches over 10,000 “preppers” each week and the show’s email list reaches another 6,000. Anecdotal evidence suggests that a tremendous number of them are considering moving to red states. Prepping 2.0 will continually discuss and suggest that listeners go to the site. Because this topic of relocating to red states is so hot right now, the co-hosts of Prepping 2.0 anticipate going onto other similar radio shows/podcasts/YouTube channels as a guest to talk about the topic – and about, of course.

Real estate agents subscribing to the website (discussed below) can appear on a video bonus episode of the show and answer questions about why their state is one to consider locating to. This will drive several – dozens? – very serious potential homebuyers to the participating realtor.

How Real Estate Agents Are Selected to be on the Website

Participating real estate agents are those who contact the site’s owner, Glen Tate (, the co-host of Prepping 2.0. Some real estate agents are Prepping 2.0 listeners and have enthusiastically responded to a request from Prepping 2.0 to list themselves on the website. Several real estate agents have been referred to Glen by their happy red-state former clients.

The website does not vet the real estate agents.

Coverage for a Whole State or Part(s) of a State

A real estate agent can choose to list him or herself for the whole state or specify which part(s) of the state the real estate agent operates in. If a real estate agent does not cover the entire state, he or she can indicate on the listing that the real estate agent will attempt to find a referral for the potential home buyer.

Each real estate agent is responsible for providing his or her preferred contact information. A listing on the site will be the name and (if applicable) the part(s) of the state he or she covers and whether the real estate agent will provide a referral to other parts of the state. Each name will have a hyperlink to a page with whatever contact information the real estate agent chooses, and can include a link to the real estate agent’s website.

If multiple real estate agent join the website for a given state, the website simply lists them in alphabetical order by the last name of the real estate agent (see example below). The website will rely on the multiple real estate agent for a given state to work out referrals and split commissions.

Realtor Listing Example

Glen and Shelby are awesome! I highly recommend them. Advertising with Prepping 2.0 on RedState-Realtors brought me numerous leads that were a joy to work with.

Lizzy McDaniel

REALTOR®, United Real Estate Solutions

What It Costs

The website does not make money for referrals or “steer” people to particular states or real estate agents. Real estate agents can list themselves on the website for a nominal fee ($50) to cover the start-up cost of the website. The listing is free until July 1, 2021. On that date the real estate agent can decide if he or she wants to continue his or her listing on the site. If so, the real estate agent would pay a small monthly fee of $50 per month. The real estate agent can cancel the subscription at any time and get a prorated refund. If a real estate agent wants to appear on a video bonus show of Prepping 2.0 to talk about his or her state, the real estate agent can start a subscription before July 1, 2021 in order to be a guest on the show.

Get Listed on
Pay $50 start up listing fee.

How to Get Started

Real estate agents can contact Glen Tate ( or fill out the form below to get rolling and start getting potential clients!